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Get market data, actionable insights, portfolio management, and performance tracking to level up your REIT investment. Use REITScreener to save time and make smarter decisions.

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Why REITs?

An easy and popular way to boost your portfolio

As an investor in REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, you own real estate and a share of the income produced through real estate properties – without having to buy, manage, or finance the property.

REITs produce competitive total returns, with long-term capital appreciation and a steady stream of income. Easy to trade and liquidate, REITs help investors get a foot in the Real Estate market and diversify their portfolios.

Did You Know?

REITs are now recommended by 80% of registered investment advisors.

The All-In-One REIT Software

REIT investing just got easier and simpler

The complete suite that powers your REIT investing, REITScreener gives you actionable market insights. It automates your portfolio management and REIT calculations while helping you stay on top of the market.

  • REITs Evaluation
    Use REITScreeners algorithms for quick, in-depth analysis.
  • Advanced Portfolio Manager
    Automate your portfolio management.
  • Insider Trade Analysis
    Receive notifications when experienced traders move.
  • Newsfeed
    Read the news from multiple established sources on REITS.
  • Weekly Market Briefs
    Get weekly updates on the REIT market.
  • Performance Heatmaps
    See which REITS are trending.
  • Dashboard Overview
    Access a snapshot of the entire market in a single view.
  • Traffic Light System
    Easily evaluate REITs Quality Score and Valuation Metrics. Simply follow REITScreener’s cues: green, amber, or red.
  • Powerful REIT Data Table
    Access over 24 metrics per REIT through the most comprehensive REIT data table in the world.
  • And more...

    Get Market Insights

    Make Smart Investment Decisions

    View a snapshot of the entire market, including trends, in a single interface for investing into strength. Read the latest relevant news to educate your decisions.

    Trend Heatmaps

    Insider Trade Analysis

    Market Overview

    The World’s Most Powerful REIT Data Table

    Analyze REITs in extensive detail within minutes

    Shortlist the best investment assets in favourable buying ranges – fast. Gain exclusive access to over 24 REIT evaluation metrics that give you an edge over the market.

    • Quality Score Algorithm

    • Valuation Ranges

    Advanced Portfolio Management

    Manage your portfolio better, without the tedious work

    Automate your portfolio management to take away the tedious task of manually tracking and updating a traditional spreadsheet. REITScreener proactively updates you investment’s dividends and tracks risks in real-time.

    Learn more about features

    Dividends Updates

    Real-time Risk Tracking

    Beginners and Experts Trust REITScreener

    For seasoned investors, much of your data crunching work is removed by the essential metrics being presented to you in organised tables and graphs. New REIT investors will also find this tool a great companion to their learning journey. A newbie like me has never felt so empowered in my investing decisions with REITscreener!

    Roy, Chua Yi Cheng

    Its easily customisable view of the software makes investments in REITs a highly personalised experience, suited to your own capital size and risk appetite. It is a fantastic software that easily broadens your perspectives on the various REITs as increased focus and attention can be devoted to its analysis rather than on the extremely cumbersome data entry of the REIT.

    Dean Goh

    An all-in-one platform to track insights/updates, insider trades, market briefs, quality and valuation scores on REITs. Investing in REITScreener has become one of the best investments and I highly recommend REITScreener to everyone who wants an edge on REITs.

    Jennifer Wee

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